Using personal knowledge and locale familiarity to generate synergies

Yueze Commercial is one of Yongsheng Service brands introduced specifically for commercial properties. We believe that a building's potential should not be limited by a set, unchanging number of useful years. Instead, we hope to apply professional management and resource integration in ways that unleash the unlimited potential each building has to offer. By connecting buildings and users in a virtuous circle, we hope to increase the value of buildings and help businesses grow.

A world of opportunities

Yueze Commercial is our mutually beneficial way of serving customers such as office buildings, industrial parks and corporate headquarters by combining our professional commercial capacity, our ability to cooperate with large businesses, our extensive industry experience, and our dedication to duty.

  • End-to-end Property Management

    High-standard property management

    Facility/equipment life cycle management

  • Property Agency Services

    Consigned business solicitation

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