Bowyer Steward is our attempt at delivering the true community stewardship service in China. It is a property management model centered around the implementation of a dedicated steward, as well as a transformation of property management services in their existing form. Instead of managing "property", Bowyer Steward aims to serve "people" and ultimately manage customers' homes. The goal of this service is to help property owners resolve any sudden occurrences concerning their homes. Instead of passively responding to customers' queries, we take the initiative to offer systematic planning for each owner, as well as butler services that are centered around key aspects of their lifestyle.

We aim to deliver a quality lifestyle by incorporating the most advanced technologies with the most attentive services. We hope to introduce our customers to the innovative potential of future stewardship, as well as to bring more beauty to life.

  • Organizing events and parties

  • Regular check

  • Life company

  • Bowyer Steward

  • Focused butler service

  • Preparing surprises

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