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Yongsheng Shuttle Service during the College Entrance Examination

Addtime:2018-06-08From:Yongsheng Property

After years of hardship, students finally embraced the coming of the College Entrance Examination. As the best proof of years of hard work, the College Entrance Examination is also the best opportunity for them to stand on a broader platform to fulfill their dream. Since every student is nervous about the coming exams, the journey to the examination room also becomes long and suffering to them.

How to guarantee that the students could walk into the examination room smoothly became a important task for us.Yongsheng Property prepared Examination Shuttle Service at several of our communities. This service would take the students to their examination rooms and guarded them along the way, so their years of hard work could finally pay off.

Langxiang & Langqin

On June 7, 2018, the annual College Entrance Examination Day, the service center of Langxiang and Langqin Garden run by Yongsheng Property made full preparation for the coming of this day. On June 4th, Xu Amei, supervisor of Langqin customized the exclusive car stickers to guard the journey. In the afternoon of the 5th, the staff of Yongsheng Property at Langxiang and Langqin Garden pasted the stickers onto the cars without a stop, working together to support the students.

Yueting & Xiyue

 "The College Entrance Examination" has always been the hot topic in June. Run by Yongsheng Property, the service center of Yueting & Xiyue also provided "the Shuttle Service during the College Entrance Examination."

   On June 6, 2018, the steward of Yongsheng Property received the request from the house owner at 3 pm. This family was worried that they didn't have time to take their son to the examination room. All the hard work he had done would probably go for nothing. They happened to see the notice of the shuttle service provided by Yongsheng Property and contacted us directly. They reserved the service, asking our shuttle to take the student to Wuxian Middle School at 7 am on time. After making an appoint, the student arrived at the service center at 6:30 am this morning and entered the examination room before 7 am. The student and the parents were grateful for our thoughtful service.

Xianggeli Garden

With the coming of the College Entrance Examination, the students became worried and excited. Run by Yongsheng Property, the staff of the service center of Xianggeli Garden were also pondering on what they could do to help the students. To guarantee that the students enter the examination room and begin the exam successfully, during the College Entrance Examniation, from June 7 to 9, the service center of Xianggeli Garden launched the Shuttle Service, providing convenient transportation for the students to take the tests at ease.

The students felt touched when seeing the notice about the Shuttle Service. Many disabled students directly phoned the service center and booked the service. This morning, they got on the car by showing their admission tickets and successfully entered the examination room with the support of Yongsheng's driver.

The staff of Yongsheng Property even prepared bottle water for the students in the car for them to chill on the burning hot examination day.

The Shuttle Service built a free, safe and smooth transportation platform for the students, so they may focus on the exam and realize their dream.

The staff of Yongsheng Property sincerely wished that the exams would go smoothly and all the students would enter their ideal colleges.

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