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Yongsheng Yueze |Sincerity, originates from care with heart

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Joyous and warm buildings, benefit all the people

Yueze Commercial

We often think about
that how much expectation a building 
will carry within its whole life. 
How much warmness can "you“ feel 
in a building?

Yongsheng Yueze
Making reinforced concrete an elaborate work with sincere service
Thereby bringing you a wonderful experience

In 2018, Yongsheng Service released Yongsheng Yueze Commercial System and Standards,
and it will implement these standards in all the business office building projects of Yongsheng Yueze across the country.

Sincere service warms the cold steel concrete. Good service must come from the observation of details, which cannot be separated from flexibility and individuality, or the real identity of “people-oriented” emotion in the heart. With professional craftsmanship and humanistic feelings, Yongsheng Yueze insists on creating a luxurious, comfortable, green and healthy office experience for every customer.

Customer Service
— Professional craftsmanship and humanistic feelings —

The benchmark project of Yueze Commercial: Key account managers offer “early welcome and late see-off” to each group of customers on and off work between 8:30 and 9:00 as well as between 17:30 and 18:00.

The benchmark project of Yueze Commercial: In rush hour and reception period, there are dedicated elevator service, so that customers can experience considerate, respectful and enjoyable service.

30-degree smile, five fingers together, 90-degree guidance

Our conference services
The accurate position of every piece of paper, 
the fine angle of every cup, 
the delicate modelling of every dish fruit
is poured with Yueze people’s extreme pursuit of every detail.

The care of things

—Release the infinite vitality contained in the building—

We hope to have the infinite vitality contained in the buildings released through professional management and resource integration, connect building, enterprise and customer to form a positive sharing space, enhance the value of building and assist in the development of enterprise.

Ice deodorization

Color-separating towel

Community inspection tour

Meticulous security personnel

Generator oil level test

Check the switchboard

“Yueze people” guarantee a safe and comfortable environment in the community through standardized operations. Their careful management of buildings as well as the year-round day and night inspection are the tireless and meticulous pursuit of Yueze people.

Yueze Commercial, looking forward to your visit

In the future, Yongsheng Yueze will build A + product series, upgrade iteratively on the basis of existing benchmarks, refine the whole life cycle product service of business property to become the service provider of the whole life cycle value chain of business property.

Disclaimer: This information involves the service contents and photos of Yongsheng Service and is based on the cases of Yongsheng Service. It is for learning and communication only.

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