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Yongsheng Service co-operates with Hengtai Commercial to open a new chapter

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Shanghai Yongsheng Service Management Co., Ltd. and Hengtai Commercial Management Co., Ltd. held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Shanghai on April 11, 2019.

Ms. Hu Yuanfang, President of Hengtai Commercial, Mr. Yuan Chunwen, General Manager of Development Center, Ms. Hu Ningning, General Manager of Channel Department, Mr. Zhou Hongbin, President of Yongsheng Service, Mr. Jiang Junhui, General Manager of Commercial Property Department, Ms. Xiao Wenfeng, General Manager of Enterprise Development Department, Mr. Tian Yu, General Manager of Market Development Department and other representatives attended the signing ceremony.

The signing ceremony site

Alliance between giants for the creation of a new blueprint

The cooperation between Yongsheng Service and Hengtai Commercial is based on mutual understanding, high recognition of their respective corporate culture as well as high expectation of their subsequent development strength. According to the bilateral strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will cooperate in multi-dimensional aspects of project extension, commercial project positioning, investment planning and business operation services to seek a win-win development path.

Zhou Hongbin, President of Yongsheng Service, delivered a speech

Hu Fangyuan, President of Hengtai Commercial

Hengtai Commercial Management Co., Ltd. has a development history of nearly 30 years. As a leading professional operation and management enterprise of business complex in China, it develops and operates shopping centers, theme shopping centers, characteristic blocks, cultural tourism theme hotels and other products in small and medium-sized cities. It has been continuously operating 36 urban commercial complex projects in more than 10 provinces of China, and has successively won China Commercial Real Estate Operation and Management Innovation Award, China Commercial Real Estate Gold Award, China Commercial Real Estate Outstanding Service Organization and other honorary titles. It is committed to becoming the leader in the new development of China's real estate business.

As a well-known and fast-growing property management service provider, Yongsheng Service was successfully listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2018, ranking Top 19 among 100 Outstanding Property Enterprises nationwide. Guided by diversification strategy, it has a layout in 43 cities across the country and serves for various types of projects ranging from residential quarters, office buildings, business parks, to school, hospitals and exhibition centers.

Yongsheng Service and Hengtai Commercial will give full play to their respective resource advantages and layout advantages, carry out multi-dimensional strategic cooperation, form advantages integration and complementarity, and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results, which is of great significance to the long-term development of both sides and the nationalized layout.

Build a win-win future with the great achievement of openness

Yongsheng Service has always been adhering to the mission of “Building a Better Life with Heart”, making layout in the strategy by science & technology + property services with the mentality of “openness, sharing, embrace and cooperation”. It is committed to becoming a reliable intelligent community life service provider with partners throughout the country.

Thanks to the professional service brand reputation of Yongsheng Service, we have reached strategic cooperation with Suzhou High-tech Real Estate Group, Shandong Fuhan Group and a number of other enterprises. Alliance between giants has further consolidated our market development potential. The joining of Hengtai Commercial will further expand the friendly forces of Yongsheng Service and support Yongsheng Service on the road of development from the new starting point of listing!

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