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The government gives Yongsheng Service the thumbs-up for its delivery of satisfactory answers with the fastest speed!

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On July 5, 2019, Yongsheng Service started to be entrusted for the management of Meian Qiting Community in Baoshan District upon the requirement of the relevant department of Baoshan District, Gaojing Town, Shanghai. 

As a listed property company as well as one of the Top 100 property companies, Yongsheng Service has been deeply engaged in the industry for 17 years. It always puts customer needs first and knows that only high-quality and professional services can win the trust of customers and the government. In particular, Yongsheng Service takes the lead in exploration in the pilot project of garbage sorting in Shanghai. It has been affirmed and recognized by leaders of all districts for a series of community renovation and service attempts to help the government to create a new life style in Shanghai.

The trusteeship represents the government’s recognition of the professional service and brand strength of Yongsheng Service. Shouldering such a heavy responsibility, everyone of Yongsheng Service team has been ready for the battle since July 5 when the trusteeship began. They take actions on all fronts to solve problems for the government and bring professional, excellent and ultimate service experience!

However, a tough battle for environmental protection has already started when Yongsheng Service assists in the comprehensive transformation of community!

Fight a tough battle for environmental protection, hand in satisfactory answers as fast as it could be

On the morning of July 16, a assignment letter was received at Gaojing Town Baoshan District of Shanghai from the Central Ecological and Environmental Protection Supervision Group, reflecting that the landscape river in the southwest of Lane 828, North Guoquan Road, Gaojing Town had been unmaintained for a long time and covered with duckweeds, resulting in a black and stinky river course.

Upon receipt of the letter, the government of Gaojing Town attached great important to this matter. It immediately organized the leaders of Regulation and Maintenance Office and coordinated the responsible people of Water Utilities of Gaojing Town and Meian Qiting Property Company to rush to the scene of the matter. After overall investigation and verification, it coordinated Yongsheng Service without delay to prune the greenery along the landscape river. The standing water drained from the river was filtered and discharged into the municipal sewage pipe network, the pebble river bottom was scoured and a thorough cleaning was made for the landscape river and its surrounding areas.

Photo source: Baoshan District, Shanghai

Photo source: Baoshan District, Shanghai

After a continuous fighting for more than twenty hours, the landscape river and its surrounding areas have taken on a new look. As for the follow-up cleaning of the river, Yongsheng Service will clean up the leaves and garbages in and around the landscape river once a week, creating a good living environment for residents in the community.

Photo source: Baoshan District, Shanghai

The professional and quick action of Yongsheng Service has been recognized by the people's government of Baoshan District, Shanghai. The government gave Yongsheng the thumbs up to its professional services, namely “Yongsheng Service handed in satisfactory answers as fast as it could be and helped Gaojing Town make the landscape river in the community tak e on a new look within 24 hours” !

Yongsheng Service has always stuck to professional and high-quality services, which guarantees the quick action. When it takes over the flag of trusteeship management “at a critical and difficult moment”, it is ready to fight!

“Be entrusted with a mission at a critical and difficult moment” and take actions in a professional way

Since the beginning of the trusteeship on July 5, the housekeepers of Customer Service Department have come to collect owners’ demands, and adhered to the principle that “immediately solve easy problems and try every method possible to solve tough problems. They think what is on the owners’ minds and they are anxious about what the owners are anxious about.

When there is rainstorm, customer service staff hold up umbrellas for customers in the community who forget to take umbrellas; when there is deep ponding, they actively find the reasons for ponding and deal with it timely to guarantee normal drainage...Yongsheng team actively searches for problems, finds problems and solves problems. The Customer Service Department has received a total of 435 demands and successfully handled 402 of them as of July 24.

After the trusteeship, the staff of Order Maintenance Department have enhanced the investigation of outsiders, improved the overall on-duty image of the quarters, and strengthened the investigation of hidden security hazards in the quarters. Up to now, a total of 13 hidden hazards has been identified and a total of 300 meters’ temporary protection has been arranged for the damages of periphery wall. A total of 35 suspicious outsiders have been effectively expelled and successfully captured and transferred to public security organs one group of outsiders engaged in illegal activities, enhancing the security coefficient of the quarters with effect.

The Engineering and Maintenance Department has received a total of 123 repair requests from the owners and solved nearly 30 long-term pipeline problems, dredged 22 pipelines in public areas and replaced 165 corridor lighting in the quarters.

The Environmental Management Department coordinates with Order Maintenance Department to clean up 83 vehicles of garbages left in the community. Since the garbage sorting, the responsible person of the cleaning supplier leads cleaning group to be on duty from 5:00 to21:00 every day in the community to guarantee the effective and steady progress of garbage sorting. Yongsheng Service has met a total of 226 cleaning demands from the owners, through a formulation of detailed plans for cleaning in the community. At present, Yongsheng is actively promoting the “Face Washing Action” in the community, which has been highly praised by the owners. After entering the community, the greening group have pruned about 5,000 square meters of greenery, and pulled out nearly 2,000 square meters of weeds in the community. Currently, the community is being pruned in time.

As Mr. Zhou Hongbin, President of Yongsheng Service, said, there is no fast lane to success and there is no highway to happiness. All the success comes from tireless efforts and running, and all the happiness comes from ordinary struggle and perseverance. The professional problem-solving ability of Yongsheng Service comes from Yongsheng people's insistence on "Building a Better Life with Heart".

In less than one month after trusteeship, Yongsheng Service was recognized by the owners of the community and surrounding owners, and received positive reports from relevant department and media in Baoshan District.

Baoshan TV reporter was interviewing

We are seriously serving for you with professional craftsmanship! We are always prepared to solve owners’ problems and hand in satisfactory answers as fastest as we could! We always place customer needs in the first place and provide customers careful and humanistic services with whole heart.

Yongsheng Service will continue to uphold the “Five Hearts” service concept, namely Attentiveness, Concern, Carefulness, Compassion and Consideration, and constantly make improvement and innovation. It will provide customers with “satisfaction + surprise” services with wisdom and strong sense of responsibility. It aims to build a better life with heart and become a reliable service provider for intelligent community life!

Disclaimer: This information involves the service contents and photos of Yongsheng Service and is based on the cases of Yongsheng Service. 
It is for learning and communication only.

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