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Announcement of Change of Yongsheng’s Abbreviation

Addtime:2019-06-21From:Yong Sheng

In December 2018, Ever Sunshine Lifestyle Services Group Limited was listed on the main board of Hong Kong (stock referred to as "Ever Sunshine Lifestyle Services", SEHK stock code: 01995.HK). Upon requirement of the overall strategic development of the company, and for a better reflection of the service purpose, Yongsheng’s abbreviation and related logo will be changed as follows:

I. Change of Company Abbreviation
Company abbreviation will be changed from “Yongsheng Property” to “Yongsheng Service”.

II. Change of Company Logo
Based on change of company abbreviation, the company logo will be changed synchronously as follows:

III. The Opening of New Official Account of Yongsheng Service 
Yongsheng Service will officially launch the new Wechat Service Account “Yongsheng Service”, with account number “ysservice2019”. All the business and functions of the official account “Yongsheng Property” that you have subscribed will be transferred to the new official account. Yongsheng Service will continue to provide services on the new account, and services for you will not be affected. 

It is hereby announced.

Many thanks for every partner’s efforts and contributions for Yongsheng Service over the years; thanks for every customer who pays attention to and supports the company’s development.

In the future development strategy, Yongsheng Service will continue to uphold the corporate mission of “Building a Better Life with Heart”, constantly make improvement and innovation with the service concept of “Five Hearts”, namely Attentiveness, Concern, Carefulness, Compassion and Consideration, and provide you with “satisfaction + surprise” services. Yongsheng Service will strive to become a reliable service provider for intelligent community life!

Shanghai Yongsheng Property Management Co., Ltd. 
June 21, 2019

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