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With fastest growth in contract area and reserve area, Yongsheng ranks 7th among 2019 Top 10 Listed

Addtime:2019-05-23From:Yong Sheng

China Real Estate Listed Companies Appraisal Results Conference and the First Property Management Services Listed Companies Appraisal Results Conference 2019 was held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong, which was co-sponsored by China Real Estate Association, China Property Management Institute and China Real Estate Appraisal Center of Shanghai E-house Real Estate Research Institute, and undertaken by Beijing China Real Estate Research Institute Information Technology Co., Ltd. On the conference, Yongsheng Service ranked 7th among 2019 Top 10 Listed Company of Property Management Service!

Witness of Yongsheng Service’s honors

01-     Listing ·Active performance, outstanding achievement -

It is understood that the appraisal of the first Chinese Listed Property Service Enterprises in 2019 mainly measures the strength of listed property service enterprises comprehensively in terms of business income, management, total assets as well as performance in the capital market.

Photo of Mr. Shen Jianzhong, President of China Property Management Institute (on the left) and Mr. Yan Xian,

representative of Yongsheng Service (on the right).

According to China Property Management Research Institute (CPMRI), Yongsheng is active in the capital market and its first annual performance report is eye-catching. The size and revenue have increased substantially. The contract area as well as the reserve area show the fastest growth rate among the listed property companies, and the price-earnings ratio is the highest. With the multivariate and multi-format combination of property management, Yongsheng catches the opportunity of service socialization and will make further achievements in the current industry pattern in the future!

Data source: China Property Management Research Institute (CPMRI)

02- Win the recognition of international capital market-

Since its listing in December 2018, Yongsheng Service has achieved the goal of “rebuilding Yongsheng” in the same year. Its share price nearly doubled and it won the recognition of capital market. According to media reports, a number of large securities companies have given Yongsheng a “buy” rating with a top target price of HK$4.19, including CITIC Securities, Guotai Junan, Guohai Securities, Haitong International and Agricultural Bank International.

Data source: China Property Management Research Institute (CPMRI)

Meanwhile, Yongsheng has been included in the MSCI China Small Cap Index, which will take effect after the closing of the market on May 28, 2019.

Yongsheng Service, as a well-known and fast-growing property management service provider, has been committed to developing services as products, creating high-end service brand and providing customers with comprehensive and thoughtful professional property management services.

In 2019, Yongsheng Service will continuously improve its service quality as a smart community life service provider, use digitalization to empower services, use technology to enhance operation, hoping to create values for owners and business partners, as well as bring rich returns to shareholders!

Disclaimer: This information involves contents and photos of the press conference. It is for learning and communication only.

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