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A general view of Qingdao Yayuan: Core cities, core assets

Addtime:2019-06-28From:Yong Sheng

The successful acquisition of 55% shares of Qingdao Yayuan by Yongsheng Service at the price of 462 million yuan is a strategic opportunity for Yongsheng and of great significance for its development. As a rare high-quality target in the property of market and a new member of Yongsheng family, what kind of company is Qingdao Yayuan? Yongsheng Service continues to reveal the secrets for you.

Only for improvement of quality,

only for hedge and increase of assets in value 
/Twenty-year deep professional cultivation/

As a state-level property management enterprise, Qingdao Yayuan has started to expand its nationwide regional business since 2004 and set up branches in Suzhou, Nanjing, Nanchang, Shenyang and Shanghai successively. It is committed to providing property management services of property assets services for high-end business complex buildings in the core cities, mainly including Class A office buildings, high-grade apartments, business buildings as well as star-rated hotels and other business patterns.

Yayuan is ranked among the best nationwide with business in 7 cities throughout the country

Since 2007, Qingdao Yayuan has been providing Golden Key steward, asset management and consulting services as well as other main services, and has laid a solid foundation for providing life-cycle services for property assets of customers.

After 20 years of continuous pursuit and exploration as well as in-depth understanding of property management services, Qingdao Yayuan has gained rich and fruitful management service experience. Qingdao Yayuan has a well-trained elite team from five-star hotels and international enterprises, which provides reliable guarantee for its high standard service and sustainable development.

Qingdao Yayuan has won many honors for its excellent services, such as the Special Contribution Award of Sailing Competition in the 29th Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2008.

Some honors received by Qingdao Yayuan

High-end Business Complex Service Providers in Central Cities
/Value-added property with excellent services/

Qingdao Yayuan is an enterprise with high-end business office buildings as its main management pattern. It is managing landmark buildings in first-tier and second-tier cities. Shenyang Xindi Center has received LEED Gold Certification and Shanghai Hongqiao Xindi Center has received LEED Platinum Certification. In addition, Shenyang Xindi Center is a key research and development project of the 13th Five-Year Plan for identification and detection of indoor microbial pollution sources and a comprehensive technical testing project.

Shanghai Hongqiao Xindi Center
The landmark building of Shanghai Hongqiao Business District

Shanghai Hongqiao International Exhibition Project
To build a nationwide import products exhibition center based on Hongqiao Business District

Shanghai Jiading Xindi International Plaza Project
Multi-functional business cluster buildings

Nanjing Xindi Center 
Greater Nanjing financial center urban complex

Shenyang Xindi Center
Shenyang CBD landmark complex

Suzhou Xindi Center 
Suzhou New District landmark complex

Nanchang Xindi Center 
Nanchang administrative-level metropolis core

No. 9 Donghai Road
CBD human settlement height of Qingdao Fushan Bay

Suzhou Xindi International Apartment, World-famous residence in Suzhou

Shenyang World Trade Plaza 
Shenyang CBD landmark building

The former holding company of Qingdao Yayuan is Xindi group, whose projects are mainly business complexes, covering a variety of product types, such as first-class office buildings, five-star hotels, fine decoration services, high-end shopping center, etc. It has become a powerful endorsement and support for the development of Qingdao Yayuan.

As a listed company in Hong Kong, the acquisition of Qingdao Yayuan not only conforms to the regional layout strategy of Yongsheng Service, but also strengthens the penetration and strategic synergy of the company in the first and second tier cities. More importantly, as a high-end business complex service provider in the central cities, Qingdao Yayuan can improve the business structure of Yongsheng Service as well as increase the proportion of the company's business property management. At the same time, the four-year performance betting period not only enhances the company's profits, but also greatly guarantees the interests of shareholders (commitment of target company: 2019, 60 million yuan; 2020, 70 million yuan; 2021, 73 million yuan; 2022, 76 million yuan).

As Mr. Lin Zhong, President of Yongsheng Service, said, this acquisition will further expand the company's business scale and market coverage, and the company will enhance its market influence and competitiveness in the commercial property management market through a diversified portfolio of projects.

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