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Yongsheng Service wins 16 honors and fights a consumption-led poverty relief battle with the support

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On July 24, 2019, the second plenary meeting of the sixth council of The Trade Association of Shanghai Property Management was solemnly held in the lecture hall of Shanghai Open University. Xu Yueming, President of Shanghai Property Management Association, Wang Zhixing, Secretary of Party Branch, Zhou Hongwei, Executive Vice President, Pan Guoqiang, Secretary-General as well as Wang Haibin, Chief Supervisor attended the meeting and delivered speeches. A total of 323 representatives of council members attended the meeting. The Shanghai Property Management Industry Development Report 2019 and the List of Star-rated enterprises with Comprehensive Capabilities of Shanghai Property Service Enterprises were released at the conference. 

 Continue with the past honors and open up the future 

 By virtue of high-quality service and perfect business system, Yongsheng Service focuses on the comprehensive promotion of five characteristic service products and has achieved rapid development of enterprise scale, deep precipitation of service brand, overall improvement of customer satisfaction and sustained growth of company performance. It has won the Award of Leading Enterprise for a total of 15 individual prizes in 2019, and won the title of Shanghai Property Service Five-Star Enterprise with Comprehensive Capabilities!

▲ Yongsheng Service won the first place in Shanghai Property Management

▲ Yongsheng Service won the first place in diversified income of Shanghai Property Management

▲ Yongsheng Service won the second place in management scale of Shanghai Property Management

▲Yongsheng Service won the second place in area scale of Shanghai Property Management, including the second place in residential property management; the fourth place in office property management, the ninth place in community property management; the ninth place in public property management; the fourth place in business property management; the seventh place in school property management.

▲ Yongsheng Service won the second place in net profit of Shanghai Property Management

▲ Yongsheng Service won the third place in total net assets of Shanghai Property Management

▲ Yongsheng Service won the fifth place in number of employees of Shanghai Property Management

A total of 498 property service enterprises of Shanghai participated in the Annual Star-rated Assessment of Comprehensive Ability. The assessment includes ten aspects, namely Party’s work, staff, financial situation, management scale, contract renewal, integrity, enterprise honor, market supervision, social responsibility as well as industry participation. Yongsheng Service retained the title of Five-star Enterprise in comprehensive ability of Shanghai Property Service!

▲List of Annual Star-rated Assessment of Comprehensive Ability of Shanghai Property Service Enterprises 2019 (part)

Take responsibility of poverty alleviation for public benefit

At this meeting, the signing ceremony for the “Strength of Community” Consumption-led Poverty Relief Special Campaign was held at the same time, sponsored by China Property Management Institute and China Poverty-Alleviation Promotion of Voluntary Service, undertaken by China Community Poverty Alleviation Alliance and Eju-Lenong.

As a council member of China Poverty Alleviation Community Alliance, Yongsheng Service actively responds to the call of the national poverty alleviation through production and sales connection, and becomes the first group of participating enterprises of Shanghai in the consumption-led poverty relief battle “Strength of Community”.

▲ Mr. Chen Chuanchao, General Manager of East China Regional Business Division, attended the awarding ceremony (fourth from the right)

A total of 260 communities nationwide under the management of Yongsheng Service have joined the battle. With the help of Yongsheng Service’s channel resources across city communities of the country, Yongsheng will expand management area one kilometer around, open markets for good products and ecological products in poor counties and take concrete actions to help fight poverty, through various forms such as public benefit publicity, platform participation, group purchase participation, county activities participation, community activities participation as well as market activities.

Yongsheng Service actively builds value chain of sustainable development service. Dedicated to innovation, we serve diligently and constantly improve brand influence as well as industry status, to provide customers with more excellent and ultimate service experience;

We are grateful and actively fulfill our responsibilities, hoping that through our joint efforts we can grow up in society and repay the society at the same time. We will highly integrate public benefit assistance to farmers and community services, strive to make greater contributions to win the battle against poverty in promoting stable poverty alleviation and industrial development in poverty-stricken areas.

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