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Yongsheng Service and Huizhong Finance Group opened a new pattern of strategic cooperation!

Addtime:2019-06-20From:Yong Sheng

Shanghai Yongsheng Service Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yongsheng Service”) and Binzhou Huizhong Finance Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huizhong Finance Group”) held a signing ceremony of strategic cooperation on June 20, 2019. According to the agreement, the two sides will have in-depth and comprehensive cooperation on various high-quality projects to cooperate with the government in displaying the city image, such as the renovation of government office buildings and government shantytowns. Meanwhile, they will establish information and resources sharing mechanisms to give full play to the advantages of their respective professional fields and regions, explore new growth points and seek new momentum for development and win-win development as well as open up a new pattern in the future!

▲ The site of signing

Mr. Zhang Qian, member of the Standing Committee of Bincheng District Committee of Bincheng, Mr. Gu Chunsheng, Chairman of Huizhong Finance Group, Mr. Zhou Wei, General Manager, Mr. Geng Haibo, Deputy General, Mr. Zhou Hongbin, President of Yongsheng Service, Mr. Chen Chuanchao, General Manager of East China Regional Business Department, Mr. Liu Wei, General Manager of Shandong Market, and Mr. Wang Fusheng, Deputy General Manager of East China Regional Business Department and other representatives attended the signing ceremony.

The cooperation with Huizhong Finance Group is based on the high consensus reached by both sides in strategic layout, professional division of labor, complementary advantages and resource sharing.

▲ Group photo of the signing site

Huizhou Finance Group is a large state-owned investment and operation company established by the district committee and district government after the reorganization and integration of the state-owned companies affiliated to the former Bincheng District Bureau of Finance. It has four sub-group companies and 14 holding enterprises, which are mainly responsible for the investment management and operation of major government investment projects and the operation of state-owned assets within the scope of authorization. It has won the Contribution Award for Economic Development 2018, Advanced Unit for Shantytown Renovation 2018, May Day labor Award of Binzhou City 2019, Outstanding Contribution Enterprise 2019 and other awards.

In this cooperation, Yongsheng Service got a “good friend” on the high-speed running track and successfully entered Binzhou market, which will effectively improve the regional market shares and competitiveness of both sides, help to establish the brand reputation of both sides and maximize the cooperative effect of resources and strategic layout.

Adhering to “Openness, Sharing, Embrace and Cooperation”, Yongsheng Service always embraces the market with an open mind, and achieves strong alliance through complementary advantages and resource sharing. It strives for a win-win situation with every strategic partner and the achievement of the strategic effect of 1+1>2. In the future, the two sides will continue to deepen the diversified and efficient cooperation mode, build a new pattern of sound communication, interaction and innovative development, expand the business scale and market coverage of both sides, and enhance the market influence and competitiveness of both sides.

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