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Yongsheng releases medium-term good news, with market price expected to rise to $HK4.5 by CICC (China International Capital Corporation)

Addtime:2019-07-09From:Yong Sheng

On July 9, 2019, Ever Sunshine Lifestyle Services issued its mid-2019 earnings announcement. According to the announcement, the net profit growth of the company is expected to exceed 90% in mid-2019, thanks to the increase of management area and the rapid growth of value-added service income from owners and non-owners. 

Yongsheng just released the annual report of 2018 “Rebuilding Yongsheng” in March this year, which was the first bright performance since it was listed. Within less than half year, Yongsheng forecasted a big harvest for the first half of 2019 in the form of “a bulletin of glad tidings”, and the official announcement of its performance will be completed by the end of August. 

Analyst of the Guotai Junan Securities pointed out that high-speed quality growth is driving Yongsheng to become an unexpected winner in the industry. In May 2019, Yongsheng ranked 14th in the Top 100 Property Management Companies in China issued by China Index Academy, up six places from 2018, as a result of its rapid growth in comprehensive capability.
▲Yongsheng Service ranked 14th in the 2019 Top 100 Property Management Companies in China

At present, "four-wheel drive" is becoming an effective way to drive Yongsheng's rapid and high-quality growth: as a property management company separated from Xuhui Group, it will enjoy the dividend of Xuhui Group's rapid growth for a long time. According to Xuhui Group's announcement, it completed about 34% sales growth in the first half of 2019; Yongsheng and Shandong Dezhou in the first half of 2019. Trading and Investment Group and Binzhou Huizhong Finance Investment Group have established strategic cooperative relations and will provide property management services for their development projects in the future; after acquiring Qingdao Yayuan, a property management service provider under Xindi Group in June, Yongsheng has obtained a number of core landmark business office service projects such as Hongqiao Xindi Center, Hongqiao International Exhibition, No. 9 Donghai Road, Qingdao and so on; Yongsheng, who has always been a competitive bidder for projects, has also won a number of high-quality service projects, including Wuxi Jibao Jijing Mingdi, Shanghai Meian Qiting, and so on.

▲Part of representative projects of Qingdao Yayuan

On the same day, CICC issued its first coverage of Yongsheng Service with a positive rating and a target price at HK$4.5, which corresponded to an upside of nearly 40%. Zhang Yu and Wang Yiyu, analysts of CICC, said that Yongsheng Service was a fast and powerful player in area expansion and diversified value-added service; in the next three years, the compound growth rate of managed area is expected to exceed 38%; the company has achieved a balance of profits on the basis of adhering to the service standard; the trend of excellent performance of community value-added services is expected to continue.

In addition to CICC, Guotai Jun’an, Guohai Securities, Agricultural Bank International, Guoxin Hong Kong, CITIC Construction Investment, Haitong International and other securities companies have issued coverage reports on Yongsheng Service all with buy ratings.

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