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High-speed growth with quality is the way of Yongsheng’s survival!

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Thanks to the increase of management area as well as the rapid growth of revenue from value-added services for owners and non-owners, the company expects a net profit growth of more than 90% by mid-2019.

— Interim earnings announcement of Ever Sunshine Lifestyle Services 2019

Yongsheng is a fast and powerful player in area expansion and value-added service diversification: The compound growth rate of area growth is expected to exceed 38% in the next three years; 
— Zhang Yu and Wang Yiyu, CICC (China International Capital Corporation Limited) analysts

The high-quality and high-speed growth of Yongsheng Service is an important driving force for Yongsheng’s development. How to quickly occupy the market and achieve management area expansion is the central challenge for Yongsheng market team. 

In July 2019, Yongsheng Market Team kept on fighting and achieved remarkable results. The external expansion area reached more than three million square meters. The average total construction area of a single project was more than 300,000 square meters, and that of Shanghai Yitai Anbang project reached as much as 650,000 square meters. In July, Yongsheng launched a leapfrog battle of the second half of the year, which also proves its strong self-driving ability for promise fulfillment.

Shanghai Yitai Anbang
Super-large comprehensive residential community

Yongsheng Service won the right of property management service of Shanghai Yitai Anbang project by 933 votes vs 96 votes. It is the largest property management project that Yongsheng manages outside Shanghai in 2019.

Shanghai Yitai Anbang
A super-large comprehensive residential community of 650,000 square meters
Business format :Peripheral business, high-rise, small high-rise and villa
Highlights:Yitai Anbang Project is located in the 5A scenic area of Shanghai, and next to Shanghai Wild Animal Park, the largest and first national wildlife park of China.

As a super-large comprehensive residential community, the total construction area is about 650,000 square meters with 86 buildings planned for construction (65 multi-storey buildings, small high-rise buildings and high-rise buildings, as well as 21 small villas). There are commercial streets as well as multi-functional clubs, kindergartens, commercial centers, art fair centers, cultural and leisure squares, Gangtai Art Museum and other comprehensive supporting facilities.

Thanks to deep cultivation in Shanghai market and deep precipitation of service brand, Yongsheng Service wins the favor of the Owners Committee as well as the owners of Yitai Anbang Project, with high votes. Yongsheng Service will also uphold the mission of “Building a Better Life with Heart” and bring Yongsheng 37℃ community service concept into Yitai Anbang to provide owners with services that are more convenient, professional and intelligent with higher quality and build a warm Yongsheng community.

▲ Road show of Yitai Anbang Project

Ivy League·Town
The largest block in Ningbo at present

Ivy League·Town is the largest block launched by Ningbo city at present, which covers a construction area of nearly 500 mu (1mu= 667 sqm) and a total construction area of about 480,000 square meters. Located in the forefront of urban eastward expansion area, it involves multi-storey buildings, small high-rise buildings, villas, office buildings, business buildings and other types of property. The project is a residential building with the theme of “Academic Community” and pure North America style, along Minghe River Bank, one separate garden for each residence. The small western-style villa is simple and elegant, advocating a new life of refinement and comfort.

Ningbo Ivy League·Town
480,000 square meters, the largest block launched by Ningbo city at present
Business format:Multi-storey, small high-rise, villa, office, business, etc. 
Highlights:“China Famous Block”, “Successful Development Model for School District Concept of China Real Estate” and “The Favorite Green Home of Ningbo People”.

The successful bid of Ivy League·Town is an important manifestation of Yongsheng’s service capability of large-scale residential projects recognized in Ningbo, and it is of great significance to Yongsheng’s expansion in Ningbo market. According to the project manager, Ivy League·Town is an influential project locally. In addition to owners of the Ivy League·Town, the owners and Owners Committee of other neighboring communities also came to watch the road show. They experienced the service quality of Yongsheng and were full of expectations for Yongsheng’s entry for community management.
▲ Road show of Ivy League·Town Project

Guotai Kowloon Bay, Changsha
In the center of Star Sand, first row along Songya Lake

Guotai Kowloon bay, Changsha of Hunan Province is located at No. 118, East Third Road, Changsha County, only 200m away from Hengji Triumph Gate, a community under the management of Yongsheng Service. It covers a floor area of about 122mu and a total construction area of about 360,000 square meters.

Guotai Kowloon Bay, Changsha

 360,000 sqm, in the center of Star Sand, first row along Songya Lake

Business format :High-rise, super-high-rise, business, etc.

Highlights:Star Sand has the landmark high-quality project that is the most representative of the closest landscape resources.

The Songya Lake Ecological Wetland Park in the north of Guotai Kowloon Bay is nearly 10,000 mu (1mu=667sqm) and will become a model of high-quality lake residence integrating shopping, leisure, catering, entertainment, culture and residence.

With 75% voter turnout, Yongsheng Service successfully obtained the service management right of the project, and officially entered the project site on July 28. On the day of entry, the professional performance of Yongsheng Service was highly praised by the owners.

▲ Yongsheng Service entered the site of Guotai Kowloon Bay project

No. 88 Mansion, Donggang
Donggang City costs the highest in property management

The project of No. 88 Mansion covers a floor area of 230,000 square meters, and a construction area of 500,000 square meters. It has a planned number of 5,000 households and a total of 45 buildings. At the initial stage of development, there are mainly villas and foreign-style houses in the east garden, while at the later stage a pure low-density living group will be created.

No. 88 Mansion, Donggang
500,000 square meters, “King Building” with the highest unit price of property in Dandong area at present
Business format:Villa, foreign-style house, small high-rise and high-rise
Highlights:Imperial-style park in a quiet environment

Through the introduction of international education brand, the building of supporting kindergartens, high-end boutique commercial streets, the construction of international brand property and intelligent community residential system, the project of No. 88 Mansion has formed a unique circle of humanity mansion, which has been the "King Building" with the highest unit price of property in Dandong area so far.

▲ Yongsheng service team at the sales site for No. 88 Mansion

The site sales team at the initial stage of Yongsheng Service has officially entered the project site and started to provide sales service for No. 88 Mansion. The site sales team integrates Yongsheng management scale into the reception scene and the touch art impresses customer’s perception and memory. The service specifications are designed in full dimensions of system standards to provide customers with a sense of reality for the future as well as joyous and carefree life-cycle property services.

Shaodong Impression
A key project in Shaodong county

Shaoyang City has a long history and is well known in Hunan Province. It is connected with Yunnan and Guizhou in the west and controls Changsha and Hengyang in the east, which is at the superior traffic position. Yongsheng Service has already obtained six projects after only one year it entered the market of Shaoyang. Among them, Shaodong Impression, a key project in Shaoyang county, is the fifth project of Yongsheng Service.

Shaodong Impression
266,000 square meters, a key project in Shaodong County 
Business format:Multi-storey, small high-rise, business, etc. 
Title:The first intelligent community in Shaoyang district

The project of Shaodong Impression is located at the intersection of Xinghe Avenue and Xingsheng Road in Shaodong County, Hunan Province. It aims to become as the first high-quality intelligent community. At the same time, Yongsheng Service will provide site sales service and a professional life-cycle service system for the project, and bring Yongsheng's "Satisfaction + Surprise" service experience to customers.

Shaoyang Zhongxiang Longxi 
International Trade City Business Circle

Following the project of Shaodong Impression, Yongsheng Service obtained the sixth project in Shaoyang at the end of July, namely the property management right of Zhongxiang Longxi project. At the same time, during the period of strategic cooperation agreement, Yongsheng Service will provide property management services for all future projects developed and constructed by project developers.

Shaoyang Zhongxiang Imperial Dragon Seal 
A total construction area of 300,000 sqm
Business format:Residential and business buildings 
Highlights:International Trade City Business Circle, “market aircraft carrier” of Shaodong City

The project is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Jinsheng Road and Zhaoyang Avenue in Shaodong City, just across a causeway from Shaodong International Trade City. Shaodong International Trade City is an important carrier for Shaodong's prosperous businessmen and the leader of market transformation and upgrading. It will become the most complete and influential new business center in Shaodong City.

Zhongxiang Longxi project is located in the core radiation area of the business circle. The signing of this project marks that Yongsheng has formed six sub-layouts in Shaoyang area, which elevates Yongsheng’s position in the real estate industry in Shaoyang area to a higher level and lays a solid foundation for later market expansion.

Yongsheng Service firmly believes that only by running constantly can we make improvementand quality high-speed development is Yongsheng’s way of survival and guarantees its further development. By adhering to Openness, Sharing, Embrace, Cooperation and Win-win, Yongsheng Service will remain vigilant and strive to become a reliable intelligent community life service provider!

Disclaimer: This information involves the service contents and photos of Yongsheng Service and is based on the cases of Yongsheng Service. 
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