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Training and Development

The company has formulated a comprehensive training system for the employees, including the Induction Training for New Employees, On-the-job Training on Professional Skills, Comprehensive Ability Training for Associate Trainees and On-the-Job Advanced Core Training for Supervisors. At different stages, we provide targeted training for different subjects so as to realize employees' value and support organizational development.

1. Induction Training for New Employees: Within the first two months, the new employees of Yongsheng Service will receive an intensive training on "Corporate Introduction", "Corporate Culture", "HR System Introduction" ,"IT Devices Guides" and other related topics. The training will help the employees learn more about the company, the system and the requirements of their job. Through the induction training, the employees can also better adapt to the new working environment, learn how to use the tools, blend into the team and begin the work.

2. On-the-job Training on Professional Skills: For new employees, the instructor in charge begins face-to-face instructions on the specific job content. For old employees, the company organizes dedicated training camps for skill empowerment in order to enhance their comprehensive management abilities and professional skills.

3. Comprehensive Ability Training for Associate Trainees The company build several teams of associate trainees for key posts. The company organizes 721 targeted systems and holds camps to carry out the comprehensive ability training for the associate trainees.

4. On-the-job Advanced Core Training for Supervisors The company takes advantage of abundant external training resources to enhance the staff's management skills, strategic thinking, their sense of risk control and their creative and innovative thoughts, so the staff are able to see the bigger picture of the future.

5. Abundant Training Resources: From the system and the course to the lectures, the company gathers the training resources needed for the development of the company and the staff. The company selects and hires outstanding personnel and experts to form the team of lecturers. For internal lecturers, the company offers professional training on lecturer assistance and course design so as to provide effective courses and internal lecturer resources for our training projects.

  • The Swearing Conference for New Employees

  • Project Manager Training Camp

  • Gate Security Guard Training

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